Iowa Audubon

the IOU's conservation advocacy partner

Iowa Audubon is an Independent, statewide Audubon Society with a primary mission focusing upon conservation of birds and their habitat. A secondary--but equally important--mission is educating the general public about birds through public presentations and co-sponsorship of bird-oriented events such as Bald Eagle Days, Pelican Festival and much more. It works closely with Audubon chapters and some independent birding clubs across Iowa in order to pursue its mission and pool resources for conservation needs. It is also the primary Iowa bird organization preparing conservation position statements, assisting with environmental reviews, and advocating for birds and habitat protection throughout the western hemisphere.

As such, Iowa Audubon can be considered a sister organization to the Iowa Ornithologists Union and partners with IOU in the following ways: 1) cross-membership with Iowa Audubon can serve as the primary conservation advocacy vehicle for Iowa's birders; 2) Audubon's Important Bird Areas (IBA) program collects data entered through the IOU in order to designate areas of special importance to birds; 3) IOU provides web hosting for Iowa Audubon; and 4) Audubon's mission of educating the general public can help funnel new birders into IOU membership.

More detailed information about Iowa Audubon, examples of its successful projects, and a membership application form may be downloaded in PDF this brochure.

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