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IA-BIRD is an opt-in mailing list on Google Groups where members may share information about bird sightings, ask for identification help, and provide details of upcoming events. If you are a group member, simply send an email to: ia-bird@googlegroups.com.  To join either visit the group and apply to join or complete the form below.

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List Rules

  1. Topics should primarily relate to birds & birding in Iowa; good sightings from neighboring states are appropriate and members may wish to request non-Iowa information to be replied to off-list.

  2. Share your sightings!  If you take from the list; respond to the list - this medium only works when we all participate.

  3. Avoid colors in background and text. What is perfectly readable to you may not be so to others.

  4. Watch the cap-lock on your computer.  All capital letters indicates screaming in e-mail.

  5. Sign your post with your full name and town/county; this gives everyone a point of reference for your bird sightings and might even hook you up with a new birding buddy.

  6. The moderators reserve the right to call for a halt to discussion of a particular subject when the proverbial horse is dead.

  7. No flames! Abusers may have their posting privileges revoked.