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Printable Checklist Butcher Road - Plymouth County

GPS Coordinates: 42.6890601321491, -96.5718412399292

Management: Other Public

Description: Gravel road running between Broken Kettle Grassland and Five Ridge Prairie State Preserve. Borders Broken Kettle on the east and north side of the Grasslands. Parking along roadside though there are several obvious pullouts.

Habitat: Woodlands, grasslands, Loess Hills, and water. Black-billed Magpies have often nested within a mile NW of Joy Hollow Camp. Northern and Loggerhead Shrike, Golden Eagle, Bell's Vireo. Good birding often especially in migration and summer. Incredible scenery and views.

Directions: Start Point: I-29 Exit 151. From Exit 151 proceed NORTH on IA12-S (a.k.a. Riverside Blvd). Proceed 15mi on IA 12-S until reaching Butcher Road on your right. Turn right on to Butcher Road. Bird all the way to North Ridge Road (~3.8mi.)

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