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Printable Checklist Red Rock Reservoir--Pinchey Bottoms - Marion County

GPS Coordinates: 41.4597743, -93.272295

Management: None listed

Directions: In northwest Marion Co. From the town of Runnells in extreme southeast Polk Co., travel five miles south on Hwy. 316 to Dubuque St. (Dubuque St. is about four miles south of Runnells W.A.). Before reaching Dubuque you will pass the road to the town of Swan, to the east, and Dubuque will be one more mile south from here. Proceed east on Dubuque three miles to where it curves south (right), becoming 40th St. At this point, however, take the gravel road going north, to your left. Follow this to the parking area at the water. Walking the area requires boots. Start out straight ahead north from the parking area, walking an old roadbed. The roadbed is often under shallow water in a couple of short stretches, but not deeper than standard rubber boot height. Eventually turn right (east) for more viewing, although these sections can be very mucky in places.

Important Bird Area: IBA Entry for Red Rock Reservoir--Pinchey Bottoms