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Bradgate Management Area - Humboldt County

GPS Coordinates: 42.7835059027959, -94.3935367476661

Management: None listed

Description: Riparian deciduous woodland with river bottom with adjoining manmade pond. There is a ground water spring in the bottom lands near the river (which provides open water access to many terrestrial bird species). Access potentially limited in winter due to snow drifts on access road. Bottom land and also potentially dangerous during winter due to river ice and in the spring due to flash flooding (be cautious). One of the Spring passerine migration hotspot in the county. Scarlet Tanagers, multiple warbler species. Other resident species are also readily observed there. Winter (when accessible) has potential of finding Northern Shrike, Blackbird flocks, Winter Wren, Belted Kingfisher, as well as winter sparrows, access road sometimes provides longspurs, larks and snow buntings in winter, and flycatchers and other fence-row species in summer.

Habitat: Riparian forest with river bottom

Directions: Traveling from 169 turn west onto C29 follow this through the town of Rutland continue on road after blacktop becomes gravel (converts from C29 to 200th street). Continue on 200th St until you reach intersection/merge with Florida Street. Take the south spur winding around and going over the bridge across the W. Des Moines River. Continue on this gravel road until you reach Elm Ave, at stop sign you turn north and follow the road (it merges into 190th St) for 1.5 miles. You will see a long driveway that goes north from the road, take it until you come to a small parking area.

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