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Ciha Fen Preserve - Johnson County

GPS Coordinates: 41.8301253, -91.3828306

Management: None listed

Description: The 40 acres close to the parking lot is relatively pristine. The North 40 is more modified. From the parking lot, one trail loops North for a bit and then splits. The left branch goes above the fen to the sand prairie. The right branch goes near the fen and another wetland the then turns easterly toward a gate through the E-W fence which bisects the fen. Beyond the gate, the trail bears W across the bottom of the pasture.

Habitat: Woods and sand prairie and something which is more or less pasture [tall grass]. Very under birded

Directions: Ciha Fen, a recent Johnson County Conservation Board acquisition in the far NE corner of Johnson Co. It is an 80 acre property of botanical and geological interest, containing on of only 2 nutrient poor fens in the state of Iowa. It is underbirded. From Iowa City, take Hgw 1 n, through Solon, continuing ~1.5 mile 145th St. [or come S from Mt Vernon on Hgw 1 for 4.25 mile] Go East for 6.45 mile. The road appears to change names. You will come to and cross the new Sutliff Br. At this point Lisbon Road continue N and White Oak Ave goes S. Take White Oak Ave S, past Sutliff, for a total of 2.37 miles. Go E for a bit less than 1.5 miles. there will be assign, a small parking area and a gate on the N side of the road. Do not block the gate on weekdays when the JCCB crews may need to get in. This is the SE corner of the property. The Ciha Fen property is divided roughly in half by an E-W fence. There is a gate at the W border to enter the N 40.