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High Trestle Trail - Boone County

GPS Coordinates: 41.8691134, -93.8537979

Management: County

Description: Hiking/biking trail located between Madrid and Woodward. Old high railroad trestle convereted into one of the nation's most spectacular pedestrian bridges, near 180 ft. above the Des Moines River Valley

Habitat: Des Moines River valley, with heavily wooded slopes on either side of bridge and valley. Trestle bridge particularly good lookout for waterbirds on river below, and in the fall for migrating raptors and many other birds.

Directions: Must walk or bike to and from the high trestle from Madrid, 2 miles to the east, or from Woodward, 2.5 miles to the west. Also accessible from parking lot on country graveled road one mile east of the trestle.