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Goose Lake - Johnson County

GPS Coordinates: 41.7585921, -91.6336654

Management: None listed

Description: Goose L is in underbirded but sometimes has mixed waterfowl. It is a 10 acre pond [in a 30 acre Open Space]

Directions: It is located in the north W half of the rectangle bounded by 240th St [north], Kansas Ave and the Heartland Express facility [west], Alexander Way [east] and Nick Dr on the S. Coming into N Liberty from the I 380on F 28/Penn St, turn N on Kansas, drive a short distance to Nick Dr [<0.2 mi], turn Right and immediately turn Left on an unnamed gravel road that leads to some electrical boxes [< 0.2 mi]. As you drive in there is a small wetland on the W, a ‘Federally and Locally Protected Wetland’. To view Goose Lake from the N, continue past Kansas and turn Left on Alexander Way. Turn W on 140th [a gravel road than eventually ends at a private house].