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Curtis Bridge Rd. and boat ramp - Johnson County

GPS Coordinates: 41.8070851640769, -91.6458249092102

Management: Multiple

Description: This provides access to one of the few late season ice free areas where the reservoir as the reservoir is narrow at this point. Above the entrance road to the marina, there is a steep road, beyond a gate that leads to an area which was formerly a COE picnic area. There is a small prairie surrounded by oak trees [mostly]. At the top of the hill you are on a high bluff above the reservoir.

Habitat: The bulk of the land immediately adjoining the reservoir is managed by the Corps of Engineers. Mid-River Marina is privately managed.

Directions: North of North Liberty at the lower Coralville Reservoir in Johnson Co. VIEWING ACROSS FROM MARINA: 0.9 mile S of where Hwy. 965 from where it crosses I-380, take Meadow Rd. to the east. There is a very short distance until Curtis Bridge Rd goes off to your left. [the First Left]. Drive a short distance and park. You walk down to the Lake. In the winter, you can drive almost to the water. This is a working marina so please respect the private property. CURTIS BRIDGE BOAT RAMP: 0.3 south of where Hwy. 965 from crosses I-380, take Curtis Bridge Rd. to the east. Follow the road 3/4 of a mile, including an initial sharp left turn, to its end at the water.