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Lake Red Rock, dam, waterfowl and gulls - Marion County

GPS Coordinates: 41.3660922147977, -92.9749345779419

Management: Federal - COE

Description: The outflow of the Des Moines River is well known for unusual gulls and waterfowl. A scope is not only desirable but almost required to view the birds on the lake.

Habitat: Above the dam you will find a broad expanse of deep water where waterfowl may be found and gulls congregate to roost. Below the dam, depending on the volume of the outflow, many gravel bars provide resting spots and gulls may be swarming around the dam.

Directions: In northern Marion Co. Scope above the dam from the overlook behind the Visitor’s Center at the south end of the dam (T-15), and from a small turn-in at the north end of the dam. The dam is at the southeast end of the lake. Access the spillway from the dam’s south end, east side of T-15.