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Printable Checklist Red Rock Reservoir--Whitebreast Recreation Area - Marion County

GPS Coordinates: 41.3825404, -93.0301666

Management: Federal - COE

Description: A frequent birder destination, especially in fall, Whitebreast Point has produced its fair share of rare birds including jaegers and Sabine's Gulls.

Habitat: General birding can be pleasant in the surrounding woodlands but the goal of most birders is to get out to the point and scope the lake.

Directions: In northern Marion Co. From the south end of the dam, follow T-15 three miles, first south and then curving west, to S-71. Take S-71 north (right) about three miles to the Whitebreast Point area. Turn left just before S-71 goes downhill to the water (which is itself a viewing point), and scope from--among other places--the boat ramp area off left, and Whitebreast Point itself at the end of the road, about one mile.