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Linwood Cemetery - Dubuque County

GPS Coordinates: 42.5244167, -90.6646589

Management: Private (see directions for access)

Description: This is the go-to spot in winter to look for irruptive finches, such as Pine Siskin, crossbills, and redpolls, because of the large stand of tamarack (larch) trees that attract them. Great Horned Owl is sometimes flushed from the large spruce trees along the north edge of the cemetery, and Golden-crowned Kinglets sometimes overwinter. At times other than winter, it usually is not worth a visit.

Habitat: Cemetery with tall conifers.

Directions: Take E. 22nd St. and turn left on Windsor Avenue; after a half mile, the cemetery is on the right. This is a private cemetery, so park along Windsor Ave. and walk in.