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Sandbar Slough - Dickinson County

GPS Coordinates: 43.482539, -95.0538826

Management: Private (see directions for access)

Description: A moderate-sized marsh directly feeding into Big Spirit Lake. All surrounding land is privately owned, so bird observations must be made from the side of M-56.

Habitat: Typical glacial wetland surrounded by emergent vegetation. Uplands are private pasture, grassland, cropfields and a couple of small patches of trees. Sandbar Slough is excellent for viewing both nesting and migrating waterfowl of all species, plus pelicans, herons and other waterbirds.

Directions: From the DNR Fish Hatchery on the South shore of Big Spirit Lake, go east to junction with Co. Hwy. M-56, then turn north and travel about 3 miles to the slough on the east side of the highway.

Important Bird Area: IBA Entry for Sandbar Slough