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Big Spirit Lake - Dickinson County

GPS Coordinates: 43.477, -95.098

Management: State

Description: At 5,685 acres (8.9 sq. mi.), Big Spirit Lake is Iowa's natural lake, formed by the retreating Des Moines Lobe of the Wisconsinian Glaciar about 12.000 years ago. Although very large, it is relatively shallow (26 ft. at greatest depth).

Habitat: Open water lake, with some emergent vegetation along the eastern and northeastern shorelines. One of Iowa greatest stopover points for every kind of migrating waterfowl, plus various species of loon, grebes pelicans and more.

Directions: Immediately north of the City of Spirit Lake, in northern Dickinson County. Accessible from all sides by paved roads, state parks, wildlife areas and boat launch sites.

Public Hunting Area Search for area boundary information on the DNR interactive atlas

Important Bird Area: IBA Entry for Big Spirit Lake