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W. Okoboji Lake - Dickinson County

GPS Coordinates: 43.3500234636655, -95.158896446228

Management: State

Description: The deepest (136 ft.), and 3rd largest (3,949 acres), glacial lake in Iowa.

Habitat: Large, open, deepwater lake. Surrounded by developments with very little adjacent upland habitat. However, the lake itself is a major migratory stopover for almost every species of waterfowl known in Iowa, plus loons, grebes and a large variety of gulls. Facilities are mostly located at State Parks situated around the lake: Gull Point SP (see description elsewhere on this website), Emmerson Bay, and Pillsbury Point.

Directions: From the town of Estherville: Take state Highway 9 west to the town of Superior. Then take US Highway 71 westbound. Stay on 71 until you get to the town of Spirit Lake. Once in town, turn south on 71, and continue to the town of Arnold's Park. Go through Arnold's Park, and past the Emerald Hills Golf club. You will soon see Okoboji Blvd. to your right. Take a right on Okoboji Blvd. and that will take you along the entire south end of the lake.