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Printable Checklist Cedar Bluffs R.A. - Muscatine County

GPS Coordinates: 41.3462409677081, -91.3208216428757

Management: County

Description: Near Cedar River but high ground - 176 acres

Habitat: top of the hills are planted with prairie plants and the rest is wooded with steep hills, has a few small ponds

Directions: In the southwest corner of Muscatine Co., and somewhat rough in places - Along Hwy. 92, just east over the river from Columbus Junction in Louisa Co., take G-40 north through Fredonia. After emerging from Fredonia, follow G-40 north and east a little under four miles to Q Ave., on the left. Go north on Q Ave., including two jogs, about 1.5 miles to the entrance on the right, after a line of pines. The first left from the trail off the parking lot leads to steep wooded bluffs and a creek. The trail gets thin in places going in, and at creek-level there are nettles and mosquitoes. The woods on the bluff across the creek has a good trail, but otherwise the park is unfinished in this section; best to stick to the woods itself. The other half of the park, south of the trail off the parking lot, is field and shrub.

Public Hunting Area Search for area boundary information on the DNR interactive atlas

Important Bird Area: IBA Entry for Cedar Bluffs R.A.