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Spring Run Wetland Complex - Dickinson County

GPS Coordinates: 43.3797876, -95.0446129

Management: Multiple

Description: A huge, sprawling complex (approximately 4,800 acres) of prairie lakes, marshes, native & mostly open uplands. One of NW Iowa's largest wildlife management complexes, comprised of both state and federal lands, under management of DNR. Entire complex is a DNR Bird Conservation Area and Audubon Important Bird Area.

Habitat: Shallow prairie lakes, original and restored prairie pothole marshes, tame grasslands, native and restored prairies, scattered small cropfields and small patches of trees/brush. Virtually every grassland and wetlands bird nesting in or migrating through NW Iowa may be found here. A BCA site guide and bird checklist is available from Iowa DNR.

Directions: Northeast of Milford in northeast Dickinson Co. (See also separate listings for Bartley Tract, Krummen Tract, Prairie Lake, Reiter-Lair W.A., and Wolthius Tract, all sub-portions of Spring Run, elsewhere on this website). The original core area of 950 acres is most easily reached as follows: from main downtown intersection with Hill Ave. in City of Spirit Lake, take IA Hwy 9 & US 71 east about 4 miles to reach 280th Ave. Turn south on 280th and travel 3 miles to reach the NE corner of the historic core area.

Public Hunting Area Search for area boundary information on the DNR interactive atlas

Important Bird Area: IBA Entry for Spring Run Wetland Complex