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Indian Slough - Louisa County

GPS Coordinates: 41.2288945360737, -91.2170791625977

Management: County

Description: Iowa River flood plain, 1100 acres

Habitat: Wetland and shallow open water, brush, timber and prairie. mowed equestrian trails - 4 parking lots

Directions: In eastern Louisa Co. Two miles north of Wapello on U.S. 61, just north past the Iowa River, take K Ave. west about 1.5 miles to the slough’s Main Access entrance road on your left, where K bends right. From the parking area enter the fields at right and take the trails to the edge of the slough, walking generally northward. A trail will eventually parallel the shoreline. There is also viewing as you first approach the parking area.

Public Hunting Area Search for area boundary information on the DNR interactive atlas

Important Bird Area: IBA Entry for Indian Slough