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Printable Checklist Red Rock Reservoir--Boxcars area - Marion County

GPS Coordinates: 41.4681068, -93.2324682

Management: State

Description: This area in the upper portion of Red Rock Reservoir is very susceptible to flooding events. It can have some interesting birding or be devoid of activity. You never know until you check. The short drive to the parking lot may have some interesting scrub species.

Habitat: In times of receding flood waters, shorebirds may be plentiful and Buff-breasted Sandpiper is a fall target.

Directions: In the northwest corner of Marion Co. Along Hwy. 14, either two miles south of Monroe (in Jasper Co.), or three miles north of G-28 at Lake Red Rock, take Carpenter St. going west; 6.5 miles west along Carpenter, after passing 72nd Ave. to the north, take 68th Ave. south to the Boxcars boat ramp area along the Des Moines River. (In the Sportsman's Atlas, 68th Ave. is not marked and appears, misleadingly, as a very short spur before Carpenter dead-ends).

Important Bird Area: IBA Entry for Red Rock Reservoir--Boxcars area