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Printable Checklist Greenville Marsh - Lucas County

GPS Coordinates: 40.9234235832327, -93.1322836875916

Management: State

Description: This is an area of open water with adjacent marshlands which eventually drain into Lake Rathbun. A road traverses a dike which bisects the area, and this road will be impassible during periods of high water. Part of the Rathbun Wildlife Area, this land is administered by Iowa DNR.

Habitat: Open water and freshwater marsh. Good habitat for shorebirds in migration (depending on water levels) and waterfowl and waders in general. Note that a mile or so west of this site is pasture/cropland harboring Bobolink, Dickcissel, Horned Lark, and Eastern and Western Meadowlarks. Also, a mile or so to the east of this site is some scrubby open area good for orioles, Northern Bobwhite, Eastern Kingbird, Brown Thrasher, and Bell's Vireo.

Directions: In southeastern Lucas County: From the town of Chariton, take US Highway 34 east to S56 and go south about 6 miles to 420th St. Go east on 420th St. about 2 miles until you encounter water just past the 320th Ave intersection.