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Printable Checklist Loess Hills WA - Monona County

GPS Coordinates: 42.0998018055896, -95.971155166626

Management: None listed

Description: Located about 10 miles NE of Onawa this 2665 acres of upland and timber is set in the incredible Loess Hills. Home of the Loess Hills Prairie Seminar. Bird and habitat are a great attraction. Primitive camping is available.

Habitat: Upland and timber with some ponds and creeks and occasional wetlands. Work the roads--Oak Ave, 178th St, Nutmeg Ave, and 205th Sr. Cuckoos, warblers and other woodland bird, as well as grassland birds. Fantastic place to go birdwatching. Primitive camping is allowed in some locations.

Directions: Start Point: Onawa, IA. From I-29 Exit 112 proceed 2.5 miles to Filbert Ave. Turn left on Hwy L12. Proceed 7.2 miles on L12 then take a slight right onto Nutmeg Ave. Proceed .4 miles where you will take a HARD right onto 178th St. You are now entering the Loess Hills Wildlife Area. PARKING is available on Nutmeg Ave and at intersection of Oak and 178th

Important Bird Area: IBA Entry for Loess Hills WA