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for calendar year 2017

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Iowa Life Lists

The big rarity of 2017 that was added to birders' state life lists was the Bar-tailed Godwit, which was seen at Pinchey Bottoms. This bird was initially found by Steve Dinsmore, and subsequently seen by almost everyone in the Iowa State Life List top 10. The next big addition to Iowan's state life lists was a cooperative Fish Crow at Saylorville found by John Bissell. Also of note, Doug Harr added an impressive 5 species to his Iowa Life List. Paul Skrade and Danny Akers added 3, while John Bissell, Reid Allen, Pam Allen, and Lee Schoenewe added 2. 

New people to listing this year include Melissa Cory who started her list in September 2016 when an Inca Dove at her feeder became the first state record. While her list may be small in quantity, her rarities make it high on quality! Take a look; she must be having fun.

In the category for personally found species, Danny Akers and Paul Skrade added the most to their existing personally found lists with 2. John Bissell and Brandon Caswell each added their lists for the first time. This is a fun list to follow as it  measures effort in the field.

The documentations for the birds above were reviewed and accepted by the IOU Records Committee, as were many others. More detailed information for each one can be found in Iowa Bird Life. We ask that all casual and accidental species added to lists reported here undergo the same sort of review so that all lists conform to the same standards.  

Iowa State Life List - underlined names pop up the list

391   James L Fuller   333   Paul Skrade   (+ Alder Flycatcher, Prairie Warbler, Black Vulture)
388   Reid Allen   (+ Added Bar-tailed Godwit & Fish Crow. Lost THGU) 332   Carl Bendorf  
388   Pam Allen   (+ Added Bar-tailed Godwit & Fish Crow. Lost THGU) 329   Douglas Harr   (+ Whimbrel, Laughing Gull, Gyrfalcon, Fish Crow, Prairie Warbler)
386   Ann Johnson   (+ Bar-tailed Godwit) 325   John Bissell   (+ Great Black-backed Gull, Fish Crow)
382   Mark Proescholdt   322   Brandon Caswell  
369   Jay Gilliam   321   Ed Thelen  
367   Paul Roisen   306   Jerry Von Ehwegen  
367   Chris Edwards   302   Linda Rudolph  
364   Danny Akers   (+ Fish Crow, Eurasian Wigeon, Bar-tailed Godwit) 292   Richard Sayles  
362   Ray Cummins   288   Dick Bierman  
347   Lee Schoenewe   (+ Chuck-wills-widow (Painted Bunting-catch up)) 227   Patrick Keenan  
345   William Scheible   200   Jim Rose  
334   Richard Trieff   153   Justin Ferguson  
334   Bill Huser   113   Melissa Cory   (+ Many, many!)
Personally Found List
326   Lee Schoenewe 
326   James L Fuller 
326   Ray Cummins 
316   Jay Gilliam 
310   Reid Allen 
310   Pam Allen 
310   Mark Proescholdt 
305   Danny Akers  (+ Black-necked Stilt, Glossy Ibis)
300   Paul Hertzel  (+ Red-throated Loon)
298   Paul Roisen 
285   Bill Huser 
284   Brandon Caswell  (+ ++ I just calculated this for the first time so next year I will know what I added.)
283   Paul Skrade  (+ Alder Flycatcher, Black Vulture)
Pct Personally Found/Personal State List
93.9%   Lee Schoenewe 
90.1%   Ray Cummins 
88.2%   Brandon Caswell 
85.6%   Jay Gilliam 
85.3%   Bill Huser 
85.0%   Paul Skrade 
83.8%   Danny Akers 
83.4%   James L Fuller 
Yard List
214   James L Fuller 
194   Ed Thelen 
191   Ric Zarwell  (+ 1)
189   Rita Goranson 
187   Ann Johnson 
184   Lee Schoenewe 
154   Mark Proescholdt  (+ Eur. Tree Sp., White-fronted Goose)
153   Richard Sayles  (+ Pine Warbler, Eastern Kingbird, Franklin's Gull)
142   Patrick Keenan 
140   Chris Edwards 
136   Jay Gilliam  (+ Brewer's Blackbird, White-winged Crossbill)
132   Dick Bierman 
129   Reid Allen 
129   Pam Allen 
121   John Bissell 
121   William Scheible 
100   Douglas Harr  (+ Scarlet Tanager)

2017 Annual Lists

Jay Gilliam claimed the top spot with his 2017 Iowa year list, narrowly edging out Danny Akers by a single species! Brandon Caswell rounded out the top 3, but ended up on top of the Top Birders List. The Top Birders List represents the percentage of your life list seen in the year. Brandon's 87.9% represents an impressive feat!

Adding their annual lists for the first time included Rob Towler and Justin Ferguson, and Brandon Caswell. 

Chris Edwards attempted another "Heard bird" Big Year, and ended up with a very impressive 188, which I believe is a personal record for Chris!  

* percentage of life list seen in the year with at least two years of reporting history

Annual State List
291     Jay Gilliam
290     Danny Akers
283     Brandon Caswell
272     Rita Goranson
271     Mark Proescholdt
270     Lee Schoenewe
269     Douglas Harr
265     Ray Cummins
263     James L Fuller
262     Paul Roisen
254     Linda Rudolph
253     John Bissell
242     Reid Allen
242     Pam Allen
236     Chris Edwards
226     Jerry Von Ehwegen
214     Richard Sayles
181     Rob Towler
130     Justin Ferguson
Top Birders List *
87.9%     Brandon Caswell
85.0%     Justin Ferguson
84.1%     Linda Rudolph
81.8%     Douglas Harr
79.7%     Danny Akers
78.9%     Jay Gilliam
77.8%     Lee Schoenewe
77.8%     John Bissell
73.9%     Jerry Von Ehwegen
73.2%     Ray Cummins
71.4%     Paul Roisen
70.9%     Mark Proescholdt
Annual Yard List
122     James L Fuller
106     Billy Reiter-Marolf
87     Danny Akers
37     Jay Gilliam
33     Justin Ferguson
Biking Big Year
48     Reid Allen
48     Pam Allen
Heard Bird Big Year
188     Chris Edwards