The People

The People

WHO is an ornithologist?
YOU are an ornithologist!

If you enjoy the wild birds of Iowa, then you are one of us! No degrees, no training, no experience required.

The Birds

The Birds

432 species of birds on the state checklist

211 of these are breeding birds.

The Places

The Places

From the grasslands and
prairies to the deciduous forests

Our land between the Mississippi and Missouri has a variety of habitats. Our county birding guide will give you some good ideas of the best places to go birding.


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IOU Listserv

The IOU uses Google Groups for its mail list of interesting observations and announcements. You can view it on-line, use the app, or simply join the group to receive email messages as they are posted.

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Upcoming Events

Additional IOU Resources

Iowa Bird Records

Iowa Bird Records


The Iowa Records Committee evaluates reports of rare birds and maintains a repository of evidence of these observations. Report your sightings and explore the species reported over the years.

Ann Barker

Ann Barker Memorial Library


Digitized issues of Iowa Bird Life since it's inception in 1931. This library was made available through the bequest of former president Ann Barker.


Breeding Bird Atlas II


The results of Iowa's second Breeding Bird Atlas which was conducted 2008-2012. Read about changes in status and compare data from the first atlas (1985-1990).


Important Bird Areas


A program of Iowa Audubon, the Important Bird Areas are monitored through data collected by IOU members.

Elementary Activities

Activities About Birds - Elementary


A collection of educational activities for students, teachers, and parents.

Avian Archives

Avian Archives of Iowa Online


The IOU's history is stored at Iowa State's Parks Library Special Collections and has been digitized for review.