IOU Membership

Judy Garton has enjoyed membership benefits for many yearsThe IOU was organized over 80 years ago to encourage interest in the identification, study and protection of birds.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Receive our superb quarterly publication Iowa Bird Life
  • Access to birding trips for members only
  • Networking with birders around the state, especially during semi-annual meetings at various locations complete with field trips and lots of birding
  • Support IOU projects such as conservation and education grants, archiving the history of birding in Iowa,  this website, the IA-BIRD listserv, and many others
  • Web access to the prior two years of Iowa Bird Life and a current member directory
  • Access to upload photos for publication in Iowa Bird Life
  • Ability to play the birding listing game with other likeminded individuals and have your results published
  • Best of all -- be a part of the community of birders in Iowa!

All levels of membership except for student and library subscriptions are considered household/family memberships. All levels above Goldfinch will receive a mailed copy of Iowa Bird Life unless specifically opting out on the membership form.

Fledgling (student/electronic IBL)$20
Goldfinch (electronic IBL)$25
Bluebird (mailed IBL)$35
Bald Eagle$250
Peregrine Falcon$500