Reporting Your Sightings

Your sightings are critical for our organization to meet its one unique purpose - documenting the history of birds in Iowa by 1) creating a written snapshot of activity for each ornithological season published in Iowa Bird Life and 2) maintaining a repository of written and photographic evidence of rare species occurring in our state.

Reporting Tools

  • eBirdenter your sightings as you bird and we will include them in our seasonal file. Species on the Review List must still be documented and reviewed or they will be marked as unverified in eBird.
  • IOU Reportingreport your significant bird sightings for a season using the form below
  • Records Committee Reportingprovide some written details and photos for any rare species found

Ornithological Seasons

White-crowned Sparrow © Reid Allen
  • Spring: March-May
  • Summer: June-July
  • Fall: August-November
  • Winter: December-February

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