Reporting Your Sightings

Your sightings are critical for our organization to meet its one unique purpose - documenting the history of birds in Iowa by 1) creating a written snapshot of activity for each ornithological season published in Iowa Bird Life and 2) maintaining a repository of written and photographic evidence of rare species occurring in our state (see "When Is A Bird In Iowa?" by Tom Kent). Observations must be entered by the 15th of the month following the close of the season.

Reporting Tools

  • eBird Logo  Most seasonal information comes from eBird and is augmented with documentation of rarities through Iowa Bird Records.
  • IOU Reportingnon-eBird users may report your significant bird sightings for a season using the form below by the 15th of the month following the end of a season.
  • Iowa Bird Recordsprovide some written details and photos for any rare species on the review list you observe. Reports within two weeks of observation are appreciated.

Ornithological Seasons

Prothonotary Warbler © Jay Gilliam
  • Spring: March-May
  • Summer: June-July
  • Fall: August-November
  • Winter: December-February

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