Site Details

Grammer Grove WA - Marshall County

GPS Coordinates: 42.1676763, -93.0355546

Management: County

Description: 121 acres of wooded hillsides and river bottom woods along the Iowa River. BOW hunting for deer is allowed but NO OTHER HUNTING.

Habitat: Wooded hillsides and river bottom area. Outstanding for warblers one the years--35 species of warblers recorded here!! Good place for woodland birds during migration and summer. Pileated Woodpecker here year round. Site of the Grammar Grove Hawk Watch (25 years with some amazing counts during some of those years).

Directions: Start point: Intersection of t CR S75, CR E18, and IA 311 at the south edge of Liscomb. Proceed 1 miles SOUTH on S75. Turn right (WEST) onto 125th and proceed 1 mile to Knapp Ave. Turn left (SOUTH) and go 1/4 mile. Turn right (WEST) into the lane going to Grammar Grove. Proceed to the parking lot.