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Ottosen Potholes - Humboldt County

GPS Coordinates: 42.8193733206905, -94.3447797748377

Management: None listed

Description: Wetland/pothole with some upland grassland habitat and a small mostly dead grove of conifers on the south perimeter. Active hunting for both upland game birds and ducks/geese. Access limited/not existent during winter (and possibly early spring) due to blocked or impassible access road. Rails, herons, multiple species of ducks and all geese species have been observed at this location. Potential for Ammodramus sparrows as well as grassland raptors.

Habitat: Grassland/Pothole

Directions: From Interstate 169 Turn West at the intersection with C26. Continue west on C26 for five miles until you come to Georgia Ave. Turn north onto Georgia Ave and continue for a 1.5 miles turning west onto 155th st. Continue westward on 155th street for a mile, coming to the intersection of 155th street and Florida Ave (there will be a sign at this intersection, the thin road to the south is the access road to the property, go south on this road until you come to a large grassy parking area).

Public Hunting Area Search for area boundary information on the DNR interactive atlas