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Willows Access - Humboldt County

GPS Coordinates: 42.8041656308673, -94.4239585849573

Management: None listed

Description: Flooded Forest habitat with a number of ponds and deciduous forest habitat, river access. Also provides point of access to western areas of Three Rivers Trail. Spring migration spot both for waterfowl and warblers. Noted observations in the access and around the adjacent territory have been Prothonatory Warbler, Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Common and Red-breasted Mergansers, American White Pelicans.

Habitat: Flooder forest

Directions: From Interstate 169 turn west onto C26. Continue on C26 through Bradgate, access is on the western side of the town of Bradgate. Access road is on the south side of C26. Three Rivers Trail access directly at front end of access road (just off of C26).