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for calendar year 2018

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Iowa Life Lists

Jaegers were the big hit of 2018 when it came to additions to Iowa birder's state life lists. There were 2  Parasitic Jaegers that spent time at Hawkeye Wildlife Area as well as Saylorville, and they were added to the state life lists of Chris Edwards, John Bissell, and Ray Cummins, while a Pomarine Jaeger seen at Lake Red Rock was added by Paul Roisen. Paul Roisen, Chris Edwards, and Doug Harr each added 2 species to their state life lists. It should be noted that Paul Roisen's Clark's Grebe is still being evaluated by the IOU Records Committee, and this list will be updated accordingly if it is not accepted.

New to the Iowa bird listing scene is Tom Dougherty, who has entered with a very impressive 246 species.

In the personally found species category, Paul Skrade was the only one to add a species to their list with Least Bittern. This list measures overall effort in the field. 

The documentations for the birds above were reviewed and accepted by the IOU Records Committee, as were many others. More detailed information for each one can be found in Iowa Bird Life. We ask that all casual and accidental species added to lists reported here undergo the same sort of review so that all lists conform to the same standards. 

Iowa State Life List - underlined names pop up the list

391   James L Fuller   334   Paul Skrade   (+ Burrowing Owl)
388   Ann Johnson   332   Douglas Harr   (+ GlossyIbis, Mottled Duck)
388   Reid Allen   (+ None) 326   John Bissell   (+ Parasitic Jaeger)
388   Pam Allen   (+ None?) 307   Jerry Von Ehwegen  
370   Paul Roisen   (+ Mountain Bluebird, Pomarine Jaeger, Clark's Grebe) 290   Richard Bierman   (+ Mississippi Kite, )
369   Chris Edwards   (+ Parasitic Jaeger, Roseate Spoonbill) 276   Douglas Chapman  
363   Ray Cummins   (+ Parastic Jaegar) 246   Thomas Dougherty  
345   William Scheible   245   Patrick Keenan  
343   Thomas Johnson   180   Justin Ferguson  
Personally Found List
326   Ray Cummins 
326   James L Fuller 
310   Mark Proescholdt 
310   Reid Allen  (+ None)
310   Pam Allen  (+ None)
298   Paul Roisen 
286   Paul Skrade  (+ Least Bittern)
Pct Personally Found/Personal State List
89.8%   Ray Cummins 
85.6%   Paul Skrade 
83.4%   James L Fuller 
Yard List
216   James L Fuller  (+ Kentucky Warbler Caspian Tern)
188   Ann Johnson  (+ No. Mockingbird)
155   Mark Proescholdt 
151   Patrick Keenan 
141   Chris Edwards 
134   Richard Bierman 
132   Reid Allen  (+ CARW, MOWA, PIWA)
123   John Bissell  (+ Common Redpoll, Eastern Phoebe)
123   William Scheible 
108   Douglas Harr  (+ Common Redpoll, Fox Sparrow, Eastern Towhee, Great-tailed Grackle, Orchard Oriole, Cape May Warbler, Eastern Phoebe)

2018 Annual Lists

Paul Roisen saw the most species in Iowa for 2018 with 267, narrowly edging out Mark Proescholdt and Reid Allen. 

The top Iowa birder was Justin Ferguson who observed 88.9% of his life list in 2018, which is a remarkable figure! 

* percentage of life list seen in the year with at least two years of reporting history

Annual State List
267     Paul Roisen
264     Mark Proescholdt
264     Reid Allen
264     Pam Allen
252     John Bissell
251     Ray Cummins
246     James L Fuller
245     Douglas Harr
241     Jerry Von Ehwegen
226     Chris Edwards
190     Patrick Keenan
160     Justin Ferguson
Top Birders List *
88.9%     Justin Ferguson
78.5%     Jerry Von Ehwegen
77.6%     Patrick Keenan
77.3%     John Bissell
73.8%     Douglas Harr
72.2%     Paul Roisen
Annual Yard List
132     James L Fuller
122     Patrick Keenan
24     Justin Ferguson
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