IOU Member Listing Reports

for calendar year 2020

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Iowa Life Lists

Iowa State Life List - underlined names pop up the list

392   James L Fuller   (+ Lesser Goldfinch) 334   John Bissell   (+ Glossy Ibis, Sage Thrasher, Red Phalarope)
376   Paul Roisen   (+ Sage Thrasher, Evening Grosbeeak, Lesser Goldfinch) 297   Dean Hester   (+ 16)
337   Bill Huser   (+ Roseate Spoonbill) 196   Steve Stucker  
Personally Found List
310   Mark Proescholdt 
299   Paul Roisen 
288   Bill Huser  (+ Summer Tanager, Pileated Woodpecker, Long-tailed Duck)
196   Steve Stucker 
Pct Personally Found/Personal State List
85.5%   Bill Huser 
Yard List
216   James L Fuller 
155   Mark Proescholdt 
128   John Bissell  (+ Winter Wren, Eurasian Tree Sparrow, Snow Bunting)

2020 Annual Lists

* percentage of life list seen in the year with at least two years of reporting history

Annual State List
272     Mark Proescholdt
272     Ray Cummins
263     John Bissell
260     Paul Roisen
259     Dylan Osterhaus
226     Jerry Von Ehwegen
169     Steve Stucker
Top Birders List *
86.2%     Steve Stucker
78.7%     John Bissell
Annual Yard List
Biking Big Year Heard Bird Big Year