Christmas Bird Counts for 2019 - 2020

a winter tradition

The Christmas Bird Count began in 1900 when Frank Chapman suggested that teams change their tradition of shooting birds as a Christmas sport to simply taking a census of them. In the ensuing years, the idea has grown and the CBC has become a winter tradition for many birders across the country with friendly competitions among states and even circles. As the first citizen science project, the CBC has captured enough data over the years that results are now used by various scientific organizations to document changes in bird populations. For more history and a neat video, check out the National Audubon's page on the CBC history. Don't forget to add your count information the the IOU calendar.

All CBC counts must be held during one calendar day during the period of 14 December to 5 January. These are the CBC dates for this season. Click the Select button to see the details.

The following documents may be downloaded and used for your count:

 CBC Report Form  CBC Species List  CBC Species Detail
View results from previous CBCs or check Iowa Bird Life for a summary of Iowa's season.   

Lake Rathbun12/14/2019
cedar rapids CBC12/14/2019
Bremer County CBC12/14/2019
Red Rock CBC12/14/2019
Dubuque CBC12/14/2019
Iowa City CBC12/15/2019
Saylorville Reservoir CBC12/15/2019
Davenport CBC12/15/2019
Princeton-Camanche CBC12/18/2019
Eldora-Union CBC12/18/2019
Clinton-Savanna CBC12/19/2019
Yellow River Forest CBC12/19/2019
Northeast Madison County CBC12/19/2019
Humboldt County Christmas Bird Count12/20/2019
North Linn CBC12/21/2019
Southeast Webster12/21/2019
Cedar Falls - Waterloo CBC12/21/2019
Mason City CBC12/21/2019
Grinnell CBC12/21/2019
Des Moines CBC12/21/2019
Decorah CBC12/22/2019
Western Mercer County CBC12/23/2019
Andalusia-Buffalo CBC12/24/2019
Buchanan County CBC12/25/2019
Muscatine CBC12/26/2019
Union Slough CBC1/2/2020
Northwest Clayton County CBC1/3/2020
Ida County CBC1/4/2020
Neal Smith NWR CBC1/4/2020
Sac County CBC 1/4/2020
Southeast Clayton Count CBC1/5/2020