Imaginary Birds

Many famous artists have drawn and painted birds. Some of these are very realistic while others look more like a cartoon. For this activity, get out your paper and crayons and create some drawings of these birds.

I. You might want to eat 15. Lives in the mud
2. You would not want to eat 16. Lives in the desert
3. Doesn't look like a bird 17. Lives in the snow
4. You would not want to touch 18. Lives underground
5. Is good at attracting girlfriends or boyfriends 19. Flies twice as fast as an airplane
6. Lives on another bird 20. Has no feathers
7. Moves backwards as fast as it moves forwards 21. Can outrun you
>8. Weighs more than you do 22. Moves very slowly
9. Doesn't lay eggs 23. Lives in a large group
10. Flies north for the winter 24. Eats other birds
11. Doesn't fly 25. Eats plants
12. Makes sounds like the wind 26. Lives alone
13. Can see both in front and in back of itself 27. Smells good
14. Is active only at night 28. Smells awful