Discovering Behavior

Think for a moment about your brother or sister, best friend, mother, or father. If you hear their footsteps but can't see them, can you identify them just by the sound of their footsteps? Some people walk with a sway or a swing. Others march steadily in step to a beat. Still others have a little hop in their step or are always half-running. If a group of people were standing around talking and you could see nothing but their silhouettes, could you pick out your friend just by seeing the way he or she stands? Some people stand with their hands on their hips or in their pockets. Others seem to have ants in their pants and can't stand still for even a moment! We use these actions or behaviors as clues to identify people. As you watch birds, you will begin to notice that certain species also have special behaviors that will help you recognize them.

Use the interactive bingo card on your phone or print the bingo card using the link, get outdoors, and see how long it takes you to see different bird behaviors to get a BINGO!

Click the button for the behavior you observe and watch your bingo card below. Get three across, down, or diagonally and you are a winner!