Iowa Birds
  • Checklist of Iowa Birds An up to date list of species seen in Iowa and a link to a printable checklist to keep track of what you see
  • Iowa Ornithologists' Union The statewide organization for birders of all skill levels with many resources available on-line.
Field Identification
  • All About Birds Cornell University's on-line resource to help you identify the birds you see
  • Macaulay Library A treasure trove of media related to bird species including photos and sound files
  • Merlin Download this handy app to your phone and have a field guide with you at all times
Reporting Bird Observations
  • eBird Use the mobile app or your computer to add data to a citizen science global database
  • Report Sightings to IOU Each season significant sightings are compiled and published in Iowa Bird Life
Birding Areas
  • Finding Birds in Iowa A multitude of links to articles on birding areas in Iowa as well as a county birding area guide
  • Iowa County Parks County parks are often hidden gems for finding a variety of birds
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